Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are the shipping options?
    • Express overnight (arrives following day)
    • FedEx express 2days (arrives 2 business days)
    • FedEx express saver (arrives 3 business days) *recommended for West Coast customers
    • FedEx ground or home delivery (arrives 1 to 5 business days)
  2. What shipping method should I select?
    • Depending on what you order determines your shipping option.
    • Any and all dairy products should arrive within 1 to 3 business days.
    • Most economic shipping option is ground however, for all dairy products check chart below. For example, all East Coast and Midwest customers can choose ground for FedEx home delivery for all their order.
    • Everything else is at your leisure.
  3. When do shipments go out?
    • All orders placed by 3pm are shipped out same day based on availability.
    • Orders placed Friday-Sunday or on holidays are shipped out the following business day.
  4. After receiving my package?
    • To warm an individual Kanafa:
      • After defrosted microwave 30-40 seconds or until desired temperature.
      • To warm syrup, use a small stove top kettle on medium heat slightly bring to a boil.
    • How to warm and serve for a party?
      • For all Kanafa items, defrost tray, preheat oven to 250 degrees warm for 10-15 minutes or until cheese is melted just enough. Do not let cheese over heat. Warm syrup and serve in syrup dispenser or pourer.
      • The best way to warm up the bread is with a toaster oven.
    • How to store?
      • All Kanafa products can be placed in freezer if not planning on consuming right away or until your next gathering.
      • Refrigerate all dairy products upon arrival until ready to eat.
    • Shelf life.
      • Refrigerator 5 – 7 days
      • Freezer 4 – 6 months
    • Dry sweets ( Sfouf, Namoura, Baklava & Maamoul )
      • All dry sweets stored at room temperature away from air and moist to preserve freshness.

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